Breaking News in Flexible Packaging October 2022 |

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Breaking News in Flexible Packaging October 2022 |

If you’re interested in an informative and fast read on the subject of flexible packaging, this is for you — an all-in-one location for a steady stream of curated news and developments in this dynamic market for bags, pouches, and other news related to packaging films.

The content archived here is selected from Tweets by stakeholders in the flexible packaging supply chain for October 2022. To see the latest news in flexible packaging, visit the live streams for either PlasticsToday or Packaging Digest .

CEFLEX unpacks ValueFlex sorting and processing model for flexible plastics.

After the announcement of @MissionCircular and the @EndPlasticWaste's ValueFlex sorting and processing model for flexible plastics, we spoke to CELFEX workstream consultant Dana Mosora to learn more about the company’s vision for its future Full story:

KM Packaging launches sustainable lidding in Australia.

Global #FlexiblePackaging supplier @KMPackaging is launching a #SustainableLidding range for the Australian market to help customers meet the @APCovenant’s national target

PPC Flexible Packaging acquires Plastic Packaging Technologies

ACQUISITION PPC Flexible Packaging has acquired @plaspacktech, expanding its capabilities in flexible #packaging solutions for various industries, including #petfood. #acquisition

Dura-Pack debuts Dissolv pouches at Pack Expo that dissolve in water in about 20 seconds.

Dura-Pack just released for #PACKEXPO low-barrier high-strength #paper-based Dissolv pouches that dissolve in water in about 20 seconds. Think unit-dose bath salts, pond treatment, and fishing lures #sustainable #Packaging

US Forest Service to develop cellulosic films from public forests to replace plastic packaging.

Finally a good use of taxpayer by ⁦@USDA⁩ @forestservice⁩ to develop cellulosic film to replace #plasticpollution packaging

Bobst Global introduces OneBarrier packaging.

.@BOBSTglobal has unveiled OneBARRIER, a new collection of mono-material solutions hoping to provide improved barrier qualities and recyclability to film and paper packaging, respectively Full story:

Henkel, Siegwerk Inks develop recyclable flexible packaging with barrier.

@Henkel and @Siegwerk_inks have jointly developed a solution for recyclable flexible packaging. An oxygen barrier enables food packaging to be highly recyclable because the packaging is made of a single material. #packaging #verpackung

Artificial intelligence (AI) -driven robotics solution to improve recycling of  film and flexible packaging.

The Latest from Scrap News - Member Develops AI-Powered System for Recovery of Film and Flexible Packaging

Pilot confirms Digimarc digital watermark improves sortation of flexible packaging.

New: Circular Plastics Taskforce (CPT) pilot confirms the accuracy of #Digimarc Recycle in detection, sorting of flexible #plastic packaging. CPT concludes our technology helps sort recovered materials at 99% accuracy. Get pilot results: #digitalwatermarks

One of Europe’s largest supermarket chains, Germany-based Lidl, is the first in the world to introduce an in-store detergent refilling machine with flexible packaging in alliance with circular economy startup Algramo.

Algramo presents the first smart refill system with flexible packaging worldwide

Domino collaboration yields laser coding of barrier paper for flexible food packaging.

Domino and Sappi Collaborate to Realise Sustainable Laser Coding of Barrier Papers for Flexible Food Packaging #ClinicalResearchNews #BiotechNews #LifeSciencesNews #MedicalNews #HealthcareNews #PharmiwebNews

Flair Flexible will launch polyethylene (PE) monomaterial coffee bags at the Private Label Manufacturers’ Association (PLMA) trade show.

Canadian packaging company Flair Flexible is set to launch polyethylene (PE) mono-material coffee bags at the Private Label Manufacturers’ Association (PLMA) trade show, which will be held in Chicago from 11 to 13 November. #Packaging #manufacturers

S-One Labels & Packaging’s ReEarth bio-based films are countertop-appliance compostable.

Looking for a sustainable solution to your flexible packaging? ReEarth bio-based films now have Lomi Approved™ Certification! See for yourself how our packaging turns into dirt. Watch our video to learn more!

Sustainable films market for packaging estimated to reach $278.41 billion by 2030 at a CAGR of 7.54%.

Sustainable Films for Packaging Market worth USD 278.41 billion by 2030- Exclusive Report by InsightAce Analytic

Advances polyethylene resins support drive for recyclable flexible packaging for foods.

Advances in #polyethyleneresins for blown films offer improved barrier, #recyclability, range of use, and design flexibility for #flexiblepackaging for foods. :

ePac Flexible Packaging adding flat bottom pouches to its offerings through a partnership with pouch equipment manufacturer Totani.

NEWS: Flat bottom pouches are to accelerate @ePacFlexibles' growth into the coffee, pet, and lawn and garden markets. #digitalprinting #packaging #flexiblepackaging

New recycled polymer from INEOS to be used in Polyclear Group shrink films

A new hybrid polyethylene grade is causing a stir in the packaging industry with major UK player,@polyclearltd working alongside INEOS to deliver novel solutions to shrink film applications

Mapping the impact and material flows of an improved mechanical recycling process for post-consumer flexibles.

Researchers mapped the impact and material flows of an improved mechanical recycling process for post-consumer flexibles with #CEFLEX Discover the work here

Toppan introduces 100% polypropylene retortable pouch that's microwavable.

The new packaging takes advantage of GL Barrier's vapor deposition and coating technologies to provide the heat and water resistance needed. Read More... #film #packagingproducts #packaging #water #film

Biodegradable plastic bags market led by agro applications.

The widespread adoption of agricultural products is primarily driving the biodegradable plastic bags market. Know more: #syndicatedanalytics #marketresearch

Global medical flexible packaging market size valued at $24.32 billion in 2021 and will grow at a 7.1% CAGR 2022-2027.

Medical Flexible Packaging Market Size, Report 2022-2027 | Industry Share, Trends, Growth and Forecast

World’s first: CadburyUK sharing bars are wrapped in flexible packaging made with 30% recycled plastic.

.MDLZ has announced that @CadburyUK Dairy Milk and Cadbury Mini Snowballs 110g sharing bars are now wrapped in flexible packaging made with 30% recycled plastic. It's a world first, apparently. #sustainability

BRICS researchers work on edible eco-friendly film to extend shelf life of food products.

BRICS researchers work on edible eco-friendly film to extend shelf life of food products #film #material #packaging #edible #technology

Borealis helps develop more sustainable flexible packaging containing 50% post-consumer recyclate.

As #K2022 approaches, we are pleased to announce that together with our long-term value chain partners Rani Plast, @plastotecnica and @AcmiSpa, we have developed more sustainable flexible packaging formats containing 50% post-consumer recyclate (PCR). #KeepDiscovering #EverMinds

Position statement on flexible packaging sustainability from Flexible Packaging Europe.

Read here the #flexiblepackaging value chain position on upcoming #PPWD recycled plastic content targets for packaging. An environmentally and economically #sustainable model for recycled plastic and its use in packaging must be ensured!

Talking sustainable films and flexible packaging trends with converting machinery supplier Totani America.

My interview with Mike Greely at Totani America, who unpacks flexible #packaging converting trends@PackagingDigest #sustainability #foodandbeverage #machinery

Henkel and partners debut fully circular flexible packaging prototype.

K Fair in Düsseldorf, Saperatec , Wentus and @Henkel to Jointly Debut Fully Circular Flexible Packaging Prototype #flexiblepackaging #sustainability #recycledmaterials #circulareconomy #sustainablepackaging #packaging

Breaking News in Flexible Packaging October 2022 |

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